QDev Calendar 2017

CMT Seminar: Kristofer Bjørnson

9 January 2017 kl. 14:15

Topological superconductivity: Spin-polarized currents and Majorana fermions Read more

Masters Defense: Aske Gejl

11 January 2017 kl. 14:00

Investigating InAsSb Nanowires for Majorana Fermion Devices Read more

QDev/CMT/NBIA Seminar: Sebastian Diehl

13 January 2017 kl. 13:30 SHARP

The fate of Kosterlitz-Thouless physics in driven open quantum systems. Read more

QDev Seminar: David Franke

18 January 2017 kl. 14:00

Ionized Donor Nuclear Spins in Silicon: Quadrupole Interaction and Coherence
  Read more

Masters Defense: Thomas Nordqvist

27 January 2017 kl. 10:00

Electron microscopy methods for characterizing semi- superconductor hybrid nanowires Read more

Masters Defense: Bjarke Rasmus Nicolaisen

6 February 2017 kl. 14:00

Properties of Proximitized 2DEGs
Read more

Masters Defense: Joachim Sestoft

8 February 2017 kl. 15:00

Spin-Orbit Interaction and Landé G-Factors in InAsSb Nanowires Read more

QDev Seminar: Jeremy Levy

8 February 2017 kl. 16:00

Title: Etch-a-Sketch Nanoelectronics Read more

PhD Defense: Guenevere Prawiroatmodjo

9 February 2017 kl. 13:15

Attractive electron-electron interactions at the LaAlO3/SrTiO3 Interface Read more

Qdev Seminar: Lev Ioffe

22 February 2017 kl. 15:15

Non-ergodicity vs. many body localization in quantum chaotic systems, application to Josephson junction chains Read more

Masters Defense: Davydas Razmadze

27 February 2017 kl. 15:00

Charge sensing of epi-Al InAs nanowire devices Read more

QDev/CMT Seminar: Lukasz Cywinski

2 March 2017 kl. 15:00

Qubits as spectrometers of environmental noise Read more

Masters Defense: Matej Veis

4 April 2017 kl. 14:00

Ab initio Hartree-Fock for Periodic helical systems. Method development and applications to carbon nanotubes Read more

QDev Seminar: Giorgos Katsaros

10 April 2017 kl. 14:15

Holes: a blessing or a curse? Read more

QDev Seminar: Pablo Jarillo- Herrero

27 April 2017 kl. 13:00

Engineering Topological Physics with van der Waals Heterostructures Read more

Masters Defense: August Edwards Mikkelsen

1 May 2017 kl. 9:30

Schrödinger-Poisson Calculations for Majorana Devices Read more

QDev Seminar: Samuli Autti

4 May 2017 kl. 11:15

Higgs bosons, half-quantum vortices, and Q-balls: an expedition in the 3He universe

Read more

PhD Defense: Caroline Lindberg

10 May 2017 kl. 13:15

Growth of Ag-seeded III-V nanowires and TEM characterization Read more

QDev Seminar: Arne Grimsmo

18 May 2017 kl. 14:00

Qubit readout and gates using parametrically modulated longitudinal coupling Read more

QDev Seminar: Craig Polley

26 May 2017 kl. 13:15

Photoemission studies of topological crystalline insulator films and heterostructures Read more

QDev Seminar: Sergey Frolov

1 June 2017 kl. 14:15

Quantum dot chains as emulators of topological superconductors Read more

QDev Seminar: Simon Baier

8 June 2017 kl. 15:15

Ultracold magnetic atoms – the Erbium story Read more

Qdev Seminar: Aida Todri-Sanial

13 June 2017 kl. 10:15

Low power VLSI circuit modelling and nanotube devices Read more

Bachelor's Defense: Jacob Ovesen

20 June 2017 kl. 11:15

Fabrication and measurement of hybrid quantum dot devices featuring Yu-Shiba-Rusinov sub-gap states Read more

CMT Seminar: Nigel Cooper

20 June 2017 kl. 13:15

Quantum Oscillations in Insulators Read more

Bachelor's defense: Ida Nielsen

26 June 2017 kl. 13.15

Magnetotransport on 2D anisotropic Fermi surfaces Read more

Bachelor's defense: Ivar Gunnarsson

26 June 2017 kl. 14:00

Valence bond theory and organic molecules Read more

Bachelor's defense: Sigurd Anker Laursen Storgaard

26 June 2017 kl. 14:45

Frustration in classical spin systems Read more

Bachelor's defense: Mads Kruuse

26 June 2017 kl. 15:30

Graphene as a Two-Dimensional Topological Insulator and the Quantum Anomalous Hall Effect Read more

Bachelor's Defense: Rasmus Tindal Dahm

28 June 2017 kl. 14:00

Patterning of complex oxide interfaces based on SrTiO3/LaAlO3 heterostructures using photolithography Read more

BSc Defences

4 July 2017 kl. 14:00

Clara Neerup Breiø, Hano O. M. Sura, and Andreas Hansen, will defend their BSc projects this coming Friday in RF 086. Read more

CMT Seminar: Denis I. Golosov

24 July 2017 kl. 13:15

Induced Hybridisation in the Falicov--Kimball model at T=0 and at finite temperatures Read more

QDev Seminar: James Kroll

31 July 2017 kl. 14:00

A magnetic field compatible graphene transmon Read more

QDev Seminar: Willemijn Uilhoorn

31 July 2017 kl. 15:00

Strong coupling of a voltage biased nanowire Josephson junction to a superconducting resonator Read more

PhD defense: Filip K. Malinowski

3 August 2017 kl. 14:00

Noise suppression and long-range exchange coupling for gallium arsenide spin qubits Read more

QDev Seminar: Antonio H. Castro Neto

7 August 2017 kl. 14:15

2D Materials: advances and perspectives Read more

QDev Seminar: David H Cobden

11 August 2017 kl. 11:00

WTe2: a monolayer semimetal, topological insulator, superconductor, and ferroelectric. Read more

Master's Defense: Deividas Sabonis

21 August 2017 kl. 14:00

Superconductor - Semiconductor Quantum Dots in InAs/Al Nanowires for Majorana based Quantum Information

Read more

Master's Defense: Kasper Bonfils

22 August 2017 kl. 13:00

Spin dynamics out of equilibrium Read more

Masters Defense: Gorm Steffensen

28 August 2017 kl. 15:00

Yu-Shiba-Rusinov Bound States in Quantum Dots Read more

Masters Defense: Morten Munk-Nielsen

30 August 2017 kl. 14:00

Dephasing of Majorana box qubits. Read more

Master's Defense: Carlos Ortega Taberner

18 September 2017 kl. 15:15

Periodically driven S-QD-S junction Read more

QDev Seminar: Esteban A. Martinez

20 September 2017 kl. 15:00 SHARP

Simulating particle physics on a quantum computer Read more

Master's Defense: Raffael Gawatz

22 September 2017 kl. 10:00

Matrix Product State Based Algorithms Read more

Master's Defence: Maria Chatzieleftheriou

22 September 2017 kl. 13:15

Iron-based superconductors: electronic correlations and orbital selectivity. Read more

Master's Defense: Mads Anders Jørgensen

25 September 2017 kl. 10:00

Chiral Berry Plasmons in a Disk Read more

NBIA Colloquium: L. Mahadevan

25 September 2017 kl. 15:15

Morphogenesis: geometry, physics and biology Read more

PhD Defense: Henri Suominen

12 October 2017 kl. 15:45

Two-dimensional Semiconductor-Superconductor Hybrids Read more

QDev Seminar: Leo Kouwenhoven

13 October 2017 kl. 11:00

Experimental progress on Majoranas in semiconductors Read more

QDev Seminar: Felix von Oppen

19 October 2017 kl. 14:15

Color code quantum computation with Majorana bound states Read more

QDev Seminar: Malin Nilsson

23 October 2017 kl. 15:00

 Charge and spin transport in parallel quantum dots in nanowires Read more

QDev Seminar: Elia Strambini

7 November 2017 kl. 11:15

Topological and non-Topological transitions in hybrid superconducting nanodevices Read more

QDev Technical Seminar: Ruben Grigoryan

9 November 2017 kl. 15:00

Equipment Grounding. Part I Safety Issues Read more

QDev Seminar: Mohana Rajpalke  

1 December 2017 kl. 13:30

MBE growth and properties of group III-V semiconductors
Read more

CMT Seminar: Justin Song

4 December 2017 kl. 15:30

Plasmon geometric phase
Read more

QDev Seminar: Dr. Jung-Hyun (Jordan) Kang

5 December 2017 kl. 13:30

The Unique Properties in MBE Growth of Gold Assisted InAs Nanowires on the (001) Substrates Read more

QDev Seminar: Georg Wolfgang Winkler

15 December 2017 kl. 15:15

Effects of the electrostatic environment on the g-factor in Majorana nanowires Read more

PhD Defense: Morten C. Hels

20 December 2017 kl. 13:15

Towards entanglement detection in nanotube Cooper pair splitters with disorder and spin-orbit coupling Read more

QDev Seminars

20 December 2017 kl. 9:15

Andreas Baumgartner & Mark Buitelaar Read more