Bachelor's defense: Ida Nielsen

Title: Magnetotransport on 2D anisotropic Fermi surfaces

In this talk, I will present solutions to the Boltzmann equation in the relaxation time approximation which allows us to find the conductivity tensor of 2D normal metals in the low-temperature limit dominated by impurity scattering. After a brief introduction to the procedure through the free electron model, the expression for the conductivity tensor of an arbitrary Fermi surface will be presented in the low-field limit. This result will be applied to the tight-binding model, where it will also be examined if the total curvature of the Fermi surface has some relation to the Hall conductivity. Finally, the Boltzmann equation will be solved for a simple Fermi surface to yield a conductivity tensor exact in the magnetic field, which will then be applied to a specific Fermi surface from the tight-binding model.