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Assistant Professor / Postdoctoral Positions

We are always looking for enthusiastic researchers and postdocs. Please contact QDev faculty to discuss current opportunities

PhD Positions

PhD fellowship in experimental superconducting quantum information physics and devices

We are seeking candidates for multiple PhD fellowships in the field of experimental superconducting quantum information processing.

Project 1 – Quantum information physics with superconducting qubits:
PhD level research on implementing and designing small-scale quantum algorithms, quantum information protocols, multi-qubit gate- and readout-calibration and principles of error detection and correction. The project involves calibration and operation of superconducting multi-qubit systems, high-frequency measurement techniques, low-temperature experimental techniques using cryofree dilution refrigerators, advanced programming, simulation and data analysis.

Project 2 - Novel superconducting couplers, qubits and circuit elements:
PhD level research with a focus on designing, fabricating and measuring novel superconducting qubits and couplers. This project involves low-temperature experiments in cryofree dilution refrigerators, low-noise and high-frequency electrical measurement techniques, nanofabrication of superconducting qubits and circuits as well as developing semiconducting devices, data analysis, advanced programming, device modeling and simulations and close interactions with theoretical collaborators.

Application deadline: 09 July, 2023

We are always looking for enthusiastic students and PhDs. Please contact QDev faculty to discuss current opportunities

Administrative and Technical Positions

We are always looking for enthusiastic technicians. Please contact QDev faculty or technical staff to discuss current opportunities