Individual post doc support

The following funds support 1-3 years of funding for salary, in most cases, also for travel, computing and other expenses. 

FP7 People - Marie Curie

These 2 year grants support salary (at a rate of 20-50% higher than a normal post doc salary!), travel and computing. MC Fellows require a senior scientist-in-charge at QDev. There are MC programs for post docs moving within Europe or moving toEuropefrom a non-EU country.  Marie Curie Fellowship deadlines are typically early August; decisions are communicated in late-December.

Danish Council for Independent Research | Natural Sciences (FNU)

FNU supports 1-3 year post doc funding, including salary, travel and computing, and smaller projects.  Individual post doc and Sapere Aude programs. End February and end August deadlines in 2012.  November 2012 deadline for 2013.

Carlsberg Foundation

Carlsberg supports 1-3 year post doc funding, including a standard amount to support travel and computing. Early October deadline. 


The Villum Foundation supports post doc salary, for up to 5 years.  Early July deadline.