QDev-All Group Meetings

List of QDev-All group 2020

QDev-All monthly group meetings are held on a Friday at 13:15 hrs.  At the group meetings, we talk about some of our very recent, on-going, or even ideas for future work. Each group meeting has three presenters:

Date Speaker 1 Speaker 2 Place
Alexander Whiticar
Title: 0-π phase transitions in spinful Josephson junctions
Frederik Nathan
Title: Universal Lindblad equation for open quantum systems
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29/05 Felix Passmann Alexandros Vekris AUD.6
19/06 Daria Beznasiuk Anasua Chatterjee AUD.6
21/08 Billy Ming Steffen Zelzer TBD
18/09 Ida Nielsen Alisa Danilenko TBD
23/10 Andrea Maiani Dags Olsteins TBD
20/11 Albert Hertel Harry Lampadaris TBD
11/12 Oscar Erlandsson Gunjan Nadga TBD