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List of group meetings 2023

Date Speaker 1  Speaker 2
Mercè Roig I Server
Title:Superconductivity in Sr2RuO4
Svend Krøjer Møller
Title: Overcoming barriers: Fast universal control of a qubit with variable protection


Ida Egholm Nielsen
Title: Dynamics of parafermionic modes
Jacob Hastrup
Title: Measuring a quantum expectation value of a single qubit without collapse.


(!) No QDev-All group meeting


Henrik Røising
Title: Ergodic Archimedean dimers
Bertram Brovang
Title:Engineering interactions between quantum dots and superconducting resonators


Clara Neerup Breiø
Title: Interplay of hidden orbital order and superconductivity in CeCoIn5
Torbjørn Rasmussen
Title: Online Hamiltonian Esimation with Live Feedback in a Singlet-Triplet Qubit


Magnus Rønne Lykkegaard
Title: Using a current to phase bias superconducting nanowires without the use of loops.
William Lawrie
Title: Hole spins in germanium as a host for hybrid quantum information processing


Benjamin Joecker
Title: Utilizing the g-factor anisotropy in Germanium hole dots
Luca Felix Banszerus
Title: Towards flat bands in frustrated Josephson junction arrays


Vasileios Vlachodimitropoulos
Title: Measuring quasiparticle poisoning rates in InAs quantum dots
Rasmus Dalsgaard Schlosser
Title: Multi-Nanowires, fabrication and implementation


Fabrizio Berritta
Title: Real-time universal control of spin qubits by adaptive Hamiltonian estimation

List of group meetings 2022

Speaker 1 
Speaker 2
Fabrizio Berritta
Title: Status of industrially fabricated spin qubits: SiMOS, FDSOI, and Si/SiGe.
Alisa Danilenko
Title: Quantum Dots as Spectrometers in 2DEG-Based Superconductor-Semiconductor Hybrids
Daniel Sanchez
Title: A bosonic phase coherent insulator and change-vortex duality
Xiaojing Zhao
Title: Visualization of the Local Density of States in the Quantum Well (QW) Heterostructures using Scanning Tunnel Microscopy (STM) and Spectroscopy (STS)
Dags Olsteins
Title: On-chip multiplexing enabled by SAG nanowire transistors
Morten  Holm Christensen
Title: Topological states in the iron-based superconductors?
José Manuel Chávez-Garcia
Title: Tuning Super-Semiconducting Circuits: Interferometers with Quantum Point Contacts
Serwan Asaad
Title: The parity qubit
Jan Adrian Krzywda
Title:Theory of coherent spin transfer in semiconductor quantum dots
Jens Schulenborg
Title: A. Andreev vs. E. Majorana in quantum-dot based parity-to-charge conversion
Gunjan Nagda
Title: Correlating the structural and electrical characteristics of MBE grown InAs SAG nanowires: a statistical study
Harry Lampadaris
Title: Quantum dots in isotopically enriched silicon
Zhenhai Sun
Title:Nanowire-based Gatemon with Shadowed SNS Junction
Malvika Tripathi
Title: Magnetic proximity in hybrid ferromagnetic-superconductor-semiconductor structures
Lorenzo Maffi
Title: Tricritical Ising Phase Transition in a Ladder of JJA
Tsung-Lin Chung
Title: Analog quantum simulation with triple quantum dot systems
Clara Cecilie Leve Hermansen
Title: Electron-photon interaction in quantum dot systems

List of group meetings 2021

Date Speaker 1 Speaker 2
Ida Nielsen
Title: Parafermions – an extension to Majoranas
Max Geier
Title: Non-abelian time-evolution in a chaotic Majorana billiard
Rajib Batabyal
Title: Susceptibility of Surface and Confined Bulk States against Crystal Defects and Estimation of Screened Coulomb Potential on InAs(111)A Surfaces
Andreas Poeschl
Title: Nonlocal signatures of hybridization between quantum dot and Andreev bound state 
Daniel Sanchez
Title: Two-dimensional aluminum wire network
Oscar Erlandsson
Title: Circuit-QED with a controlled quantum dot in a gatemon qubit
Juan Carlos Estrada Saldana
Title: Coulombic subgap states
Gunjan Nagda
Title: Selective Area Growth of III-V Nanowires on High-Index GaAs Substrates
Chia-Min Chung
Title: Numerical simulation of quantum transport by matrix product state
Abhishek Banjeree
Title: Probing boundary and bulk of a planar Josephson junction
Martin Espineira
Title: : Source and Sink Selective Area Growth Modes of Semiconductor Nanowires
José Manuel Chavez-Garcia
Title: Protecting Qubits with Super-Semiconducting Circuits
Michaela Eichinger
Title: Towards inorganic shadow masks for superconducting qubit fabrication
Joachim Sestoft
Title: Scalable platform for nanocrystal-based quantum electronics. 
Steffen Zelzer
Title: Cross-sectional Scanning Tunneling Microscopy – An update
Matteo Wauters
Title: Variational hybrid algorithms for quantum optimization
Tobias Særkjær
Title: Equilibrium Nanowire Morphologies
Svend Krøjer Møller
Title: Demonstrating Majorana nonabelian properties using fast adiabatic charge-transfer
Andrea Maiani
Title: Transport symmetries in multiterminal semiconductor-superconductor hybrid devices

List of group meetings 2020

Date Speaker 1 Speaker 2
Martin Espiñeira
Title: Structural characterization of SAG nanowires
Jens Schulenborg
Title: Absence of supercurrent sign reversal in a topological junction with a quantum dot
Yu Liu
Title: Semiconductor/Ferromagnetic Insulator InAs/EuS Epitaxy
Heorhii Bohuslavskyi
Title: Two-dimensional arrays of quantum dots in silicon nanowire multi-gate transistors
Joachim Sestoft
Title: What's next in hybrid nanowire devices?
Alexander Whiticar
Title: 0-π phase transitions in spinful Josephson junctions
Frederik Nathan
Title: Universal Lindblad equation for open quantum systems
Daria Beznasiuk
Title: Peculiarities of selective-area grown InAs nanowires on GaAs by molecular beam epitaxy.
Anasua Chatterjee
Title: Sparse measurement of high-dimensional Coulomb diamonds
Felix Passmann
Title: The Hell-Wire - Exploring a new approach towards 1D wire structures in hybrid 2D electron gases
Steffen Zelzer
Title: LT Nanoprobe 4P STM and MBE Tools in Lyngby - Capabilities, Results and Prospects
Alexandros Vekris
Title: Hybrid superconductor-double-nanowire devices
Alisa Danilenko
Title: Controlling junction properties in half-shell nanowire transmon devices
Andrea Maiani
Title: Topological superconductivity in semiconductor-superconductor-magnetic insulators  heterostructures.
Dags Olsteins

Title: Gateability of critical current in junctionless semiconductor/superconductor nanowires.

Albert Hertel
Title: Towards voltage controlled superconducting qubit with selective area grown superconductor-semiconductor hybrid structures on silicon 
Harry Lampadaris
Title: III-V/Sn hybrid nanowires
Anders Kringhøj
Title: Voltage control of charge quantization effects in a gatemon qubit

List of group meetings 2019

Speaker 1
Speaker 2
Anasua Chatterjee
Title: Spin qubits enter the second dimension
Anders Kringhøj
Title: Full-shell gatemon qubits with leads
Albert Hertel
Title: Superconducting gatemon qubits based on selective-area-grown semiconductor materials
Thomas Nordqvist
Title: A materials study
Saulius Vaitiekénas
Title: Quantum Phase Transitions in Re-Entrant Destructive Superconductors
Frederik Nathan
Title: Topological frequency conversion in a driven dissipative quantum cavity
Damon Carrad
Title: Superconductor/semiconductor hybrid devices grown using the substrate as a shadow mask
Federico Fedele
Title: Current pumping trajectories of single electrons through a double quantum dot
Mark Rudner
Title: Spontaneous magnetization via Berryogenesis in driven electronic systems
Oscar Erlandsson
Title: Charge-parity switching in a hybrid nanowire device.
Natalie Pearson
Title: Efficient Hamiltonian Learning
Lukas Stampfer
Title: Full-Shell Al Nanowire SQUIDs
Tommy Li
Title: High-temperature superconductivity in semiconductor artificial graphene
Jordan Kang
Title: Enhancement of Carrier Mobility of Selective Area Grown InAs Nanowires on GaAs(001) substrate with InxGa1-xAs/GaAs(Sb) buffer layers
Lukas Stampfer
Title: Electron transport in In(As)Sb Nanocrosses
Deividas Sabonis
Title: Detecting Andreev bound state via charge sensing in a superconducting island.
Asbjorn Drachmann
Title:Revolutionizing In-Situ Grown Superconductor on III/V Systems with Anodic Oxidation
Fabio Ansaloni 
Title: Split-gate-induced 2x2 array of single-electron dots in silicon-on-insulator
Abhishek Banerjee
Title: Phase control of zero energy modes in a topological Josephson junction
Andreas Pöschl
Title: Non-local conductance measurements in super-semi hybrid systems
Juan Carlos Estrada Saldaña
Title: DC transport in hybrid wires
Gorm Steffensen
Title: Paperflip: A Story of Multiorbital Supercurrent

List of group meetings 2018

Speaker 1
Speaker 2
Speaker 3
Filip Krizek
Title: Selective area grown nanowire networks
Frederik Nathan
Title: Stability of the anomalous Floquet phases
Deividas Sabonis
 Title: The power of half: Results towards Majorana-assisted charge qubit
Panagiotis Kotetes
Title: Hybridization at superconductor-semiconductor interfaces
Saulius Vaitikenas
Title: Selective area grown hybrids: how does it taste?
Mingtang Deng
Title: Andreev Bound States in a Ring
Tommy Li
Title: Multi-level dynamics and decoherence in a two-island Majorana qbit
Sergej Schuwalov
Title: Probing InAs and InAs/Al heterostructure interfaces with angle-resolved soft X-ray spectroscopy
Lukas Stamper
Title: Multiterminal Josephson Junctions
Ajit Balram
Title: Current induced gap opening in interacting topological insulators
Malcolm Connolly
Title:Towards a 2DEG Andreev qubit
Antonio Fornieri
Title: Coherent transport in superconductor/semiconductor quantum dots
David van Zanten
Title: Microwave and bias spectroscopy of bound state – insulator – bound state transport
Esben Bork Hansen
Title: Electron-hole components of subgap states in Coulomb blockadedMajorana islands
Dovydas Razmadze
Title: Warmup steps for Majorana based qubit in hybrid semiconductor devices.
Gerbold Ménard
Title: Anti-poisoning filter in a nanowire
Raffael Gawatz
Title: Realizing Universal Dynamics Through Heating
Thorvald Wadum Larsen
Title: Developing a cQED-based Majorana Zero Mode Detector
Morten Munk-Nielsen
Title: Dephasing of Majorana qubits in infinite nanowires with local noise
Sabbir Khan
Title: Controlled Synthesis of a Large Scale Semiconductor Nanowire Networks
Juan Carlos Estrada Saldana
Title: The ground of a double quantum dot with superconducting leads
Michele Burello
Title: Dyonic zero-energy modes
Martin Bjergfeldt
Title: Shadow mask platform for in-situ patterning of superconductor on InAs nanowires
Alexander Whiticar
Title: Evidence of topological superconductivity in planar Josephson juctions
Esteban Martinez
Title: Observing pairs of zero-bias end states  in three-terminal Superconductor- Semiconductor devices

List of group meetings 2017

Speaker 1
Speaker 2
Speaker 3
David van Zanten
Panagiotis Kotetes
Ajit C Balram
10/03 Filip Křížek Erikas Gaidamauskas Shunji Matsuura
Rawa Tanta
Morten Munk-Nielsen Morten Hels
Thorvald Wadum Larsen
Title: Engineering Superconducting Circuits for Protected Qubits
Saulius Vaitiekėnas
Title: Gate Controlled g-factor and Topological Gap in Majorana Nanowires
Michael Alan Schecter
Title: Ising transition in the two-dimensional Heisenberg model
Samuel Sanchez
Lucas Casparis
Title: Introducing the 2DEG gatemon
Michael Hell
Title: Distinguishing nonlocal Majorana bound states from local Andreev bound states with interferometry
Alexander Whiticar
Title: Aharonov- Bohm oscillations in a mesoscopic ring coupled to a superconducting quantum dot
Peter Krogstrup
Anders Kringhøj
Title: Exploring the semiconductor Josephson juncton of the gatemon
Fabrizio Nichele
Title: Majorana modes in superconducting InAs/Al two-dimensional heterostructures
Federico Fedele
Mingtang Deng
Gerbold Ménard
Title: The (long) road to the Majorana qubit
Robert McNeil
Title:  A (short) road to many qubits - via the alignment of nanowires in a wafer-scale format using dielectrophoresis
Eoin O'Farrell
Title: Bound state spectroscopy of hybrid superconductor semiconductor quantum dots
Jonas Skovlund Madsen
Title: Imaging Scatterometry for characterization of nanostructures
Filip Malinowski
Title: Spin qubit tricks for Majoranas
Ervand Kandelaki
Title: Many-body dynamics and gap opening in interacting periodically driven systems
Natalie Pearson
Title: Quantum Simulations on Superconducting Qubits
Damon Carrad
Title: Crystal-phase quantum dots in InAs nanocrosses
Rawa Tanta
Title: Raman spectroscopy for characterization of nanowires.
Hung Nguyen
Title: Fast sensing of quasiparticle poisoning in InAs/Al superconducting island.
Michele Burrello
Title: From nanowires with spin-orbit coupling to chiral ladders and quantum Hall states.
Karl Petersson
Title:Superconducting circuits to probe Majorana zero modes
Asbjørn Drachmann
Title: The Optimal Superconductor for 2DEG Majorana Experiments
Fabio Ansaloni:
Title: Fabrication and characterization of quantum dots in Si based materials for spin qubit application.