QDev Seminar: Elia Strambini

NEST Istituto Nanoscienze-CNR and Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa, Italy

Topological and non-Topological transitions in hybrid superconducting nanodevices

Nowadays superconductivity is regularly used as fundamental ingredient to engineer exotic states in mesoscopic devices. These states are deeply investigated in hybrid systems aiming to the implementation of novel quantum technologies or the realization of new paradigms of quantum physics. 

In this presentation I’ll review few key experiments in which different exotic phenomena have been observed in superconducting devices. Starting from the topological superconductivity responsible for Majorana bound states and traced (also) in the critical current of Josephson junctions made with strong spin-orbit nanowires1, I’ll focus the discussion towards unexplored topologies recently introduced in multi-terminal Josephson junctions2 and observed in superconducting interferometers3. Then, I will discuss a non-topological transition observed in the resistance of tunnel junctions made with superconducting(Al)/ferromagnetic(EuS) bilayers towards the implementation of the absolute spin-valve effect4 and a new concept of superconducting RAM5. Finally I’ll comment on the recent discovery of field-effect transition in full-metallic superconducting nanowires6.

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