PhD Defense: Caroline Lindberg

Title: Growth of Ag-seeded III-V nanowires and TEM characterization


My thesis deals primarily with growth and characterization of III-V nanowires seeded with Ag particles. Our aim has been to conclude if it is possible to grow GaAs and InAs nanowires on respective III-V substrates with molecular beam epitaxy using Ag as seed particle. For the Ag-seeded GaAs nanowires I will present parts of our thorough growth study on both GaAs(111)B and GaAs(100) substrates resulting in nanowires with both wurtzite and zincblende crystal structures. For the InAs nanowires I will present our screening of growth parameters in order to find the growth window for Ag-seeded InAs nanowires on InAs(111)B substrates. I am also shortly presenting our results in combining TEM and Raman spectroscopy in order to evaluate how the forbidden LO-mode depends on the crystal defects in the nanowire.