Seminar by Alicia Kollár

Condensed Matter Seminar Series

Alicia Kollár

University of Maryland

Band Engineering for Quantum Simulation in Circuit QED

The fi eld of circuit QED has emerged as a rich platform for both quantum computation and quantum simulation. Lattices of coplanar waveguide (CPW) resonators realize arti cial photonic materials in the tight-binding limit. Combined with strong qubit-photon interactions, these systems can be used to study dynamical phase transitions, many-body phenomena, and spin models in driven-dissipative systems. I will show that waveguide resonators permit the creation of unique devices which host photons in curved spaces, gapped at bands, and novel forms of qubit-qubit interaction. I will show that graph theory is the natural language for describing these microwave photonic systems and how it can be used to understand the types of devices that can be achieved.


Zoom-password: NielsBohr