QDev Funding for 2022

Carlsbergfondet: Tools for High-Throughput Screening

Carlsbergfondet: Electron Microscopy for Quantum Materials and Nanoscience

Carlsbergfondet: Research stay in quantum science labs, Grenoble

Carlsbergfondet: Fabrication platform for next-generation superconducting quantum technologies and quantum bits

Danmarks Grundforskningsfond: QDev II

DFF Natur og Univers (FNU): Interacting multi-orbital materials

DFF Natur og Univers (FNU): Nonlocal and nonabelian degrees of freedom

DFF Tværrådslige Udvalg: ML-SProQ: Inge Lehmann Legat

Directorate General Communications Networks: EU QLSI

EISMEA: European Innovation Council SMEs: InsectNeuroNano

ERC Synergy Grant: NONLOCAL


HRZ 2020 Collaborative Project (RIA IA CSA): H2020 AndQC

HRZ 2020 ERC-2020-STG ERC Starting Grant: HRZ2020 HEMs-DAM

HRZ 2020 Europe MSCA European Postdoctoral Fellows: FUSIORANA

HRZ 2020 Marie Sklodowska-Curie Individual Fellows: New Phases of Matter for Quantum Computation

HRZ 2020 Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA): ConQuER

HRZ 2020 Marie Curie Innovative Training Networks: FeTOP

InnovationsFonden: Erhvervspostdoc CryoADC

InnovationsFonden: SuperTop IF-Quantera-2017

InnovationsFonden: ConSpiQuOS

InnovationsFonden: Qubit Chip Carriers

Microsoft Corporation: CPD 4

Novo Nordisk Fonden: Solid-state quantum simulators for biochemistry (SolidQ)

Novo Nordisk Fonden: Niels Bohr Quantum Science Laboratory for a Quantum-Ready Generation

Styrelsen for Forskning og Uddannelse: Long-range control of semiconducting spin qubits

Universität zu Köln: CRC 183

US Army Research Office: New Hybrid Device Technology for Intrinsically Protected Superconducting Qubits

Villum Fonden: ArcAnyon

Villum Fonden: Physics of Quantum Information Applications

Villum Fonden: Flatband-land

Villum Fonden: VKR Professorship