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QDev Theses

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PhD Theses

"Mesoscopic Superconductivity towards Protected Qubits"

Thorvald Wadum Larsen, 2018

Supervisor: Charles Marcus


"Majorana Bound States in Semiconductor-Superconductor Hybrid Devices"

Esben Bork Hansen, 2018

Supervisor: Karsten Flensberg


"Semiconductor Nanowire Networks Grown By Molecular Beam Epitaxy: Vapor-Liquid-Solid and Selective Area Growth"

Filip Křížek, 2018

Supervisor: Peter Korgstrup


"The Anomalous Floquet Insulator"

Frederik Nathan, 2018

Supervisor: Mark Rudner

"Towards entanglement detection in nanotube Cooper pair splitters with disorder and spin-orbit coupling"

Morten C. Hels, 2017

Supervisor: Jesper Nygård

"Two-dimensional Semiconductor-Superconductor Hybrids"

Henri Juhani Suominen, 2017

Supervisor: Charles M. Marcus

"Noise suppression and long-range exchange coupling for gallium arsenide spin qubits"

Filip M. Malinowski,  2017

Supervisor: Charles M. Marcus

"Growth of Ag-seeded III-V nanowires and TEM characterization"

Caroline Lindberg, 2017

Supervisors: Jessica Bolinsson & Jesper Nygård

"Attractive electron-electron interactions at the LaAlO3/SrTiO3 Interface. Towards nanoscale control of hybrid complex oxide devices"

Guenevere Prawiroatmodjo, 2017
Supervisors: Jesper Nygård & Thomas Sand Jespersen

"Quantum Dots Coupled to a Superconductor — Theory and Experiments on InAs Nanowires"

Anders Jellinggaard, 2016

Supervisor: Jesper Nygård

"Quasiparticle dynamics and exponential protection in Majorana islands"

Sven Albrecht, 2016

Supervisor: Charles M. Marcus

"Experimental methods for implementing graphene contacts to finite bandgap semiconductor"

Jakob Meyer-Holdt, 2016

Supervisors: Jesper Nygård & Peter Krogstrup

"Raman Spectroscopy of InAs based Nanowires & Electronic Characterization of Heterostructure InAs/GaInAs Nanowires"

Rawa Tanta, 2016

Supervisors: Jesper Nygård & Thomas Sand Jespersen

"Aspects of Majorana Bound States in One-Dimensional Systems with and without Time-Reversal Symmetry"

Konrad Wölms, 2015

Supervisor: Karsten Flensberg

"Proximity Induced Superconducting Properties in One and Two Dimensional Semiconductors. Towards topological states of matter"

Morten Kjaergaard, 2015

Supervisors: Charles M. Marcus & Karsten Flensberg

"Quantum Dots for Conventional and Topological Qubit"

Andrew Higginbotham, 2015

Supervisor: Charles M. Marcus

"Growth and Low Temperature Transport Measurements of Pure and Doped Bismuth Selenide"

Jerome T. Mlack, 2015

Supervisor: Charles M. Marcus

"Electron Transport in Quantum Dots and Heat Transport in Molecules"

Gediminas Kiršanskas, 2014
Supervisors: Jens Paaske & Karsten Flensberg

"Superconducting Proximity Effect in InAs Nanowires"

Willy Chang, 2014
Supervisor: Charles Marcus

"Design of Indium Arsenide nanowire sensors for pH and biological sensing and low temperature transport through p-doped Indium Arsenide nanowires"

Shivendra Upadhyay, 2013
Supervisor: Jesper Nygård

"Nanowire Growth for Photovoltaics"

Jeppe Vilstrup Holm, 2013
Supervisor: Jesper Nygård

"Dynamical Theory and Experiments on GaAs Nanowire Growth for Photovaltaic Applications"

Peter Krogstrup, 2012
Supervisor: Jesper Nygård

"Indium Arsenide Nanowires"

Morten Hannibal Madsen, 2012

Supervisor: Jesper Nygård

"Spin Qubits in GaAs Heterostructures and Gating on InAs Nanowires for Low-temperature Measurements"

Peter Dahl Nissen, 2012

Supervisor: Jesper Nygård

Master Theses

"The Effect of Interactions in Topological Quantum Systems"

Peter Røhr Tunstall, 2018

Supervisor: Karsten Flensberg

"Sub-gap states in Superconducting Cylinders"

Mathias Nesheim, 2018

Supervisor: Jens Paaske

"Superconducting Qubits Based on Semiconductor Two Dimensional Electron Gases and Selective Area Grown Nanowires"

Laurits Orheim Andersen, 2018

Supervisor: Karl Petersson

"Multi Terminal Josephson Junctions"

Ulrik Laurens D. Holgaard, 2018

Supervisor: Thomas S. Jespersen


"Structural Characterization of Superconductor-Semiconductor Hybrid Crystals"

Martin Espiñeira, 2018

Supervisor: Peter Krogstrup


" Probing correlations and nonlocal conductance in Majorana wires"

Gian-Luca Anselmetti, 2018

Supervisor: Charles Marcus


"Majorana Surface Codes with Dislocations"

Magnus Bøe, 2018

Supervisors: Michele Burrello & Karsten Flensberg


"Microwave-Induced Transitions in a Hybrid Double Quantum Dot"

Judith Suter, 2018

Supervisor: Charles Marcus


"Supercurrent and Screening of Spins in a Double Quantum Dot Josephson Juction"

Alexandros Vekris, 2018

Supervisor:  Kasper Grove-Rasmussen & Jesper Nygård


"Transport through quantum dots at the LaAlO3/SrTiO3 interface"

Anders Valdemar Bjørlig, 2017

Supervisor: Thomas S. Jespersen

"Chiral Berry Plasmons in a Disk"

Mads Anders Jørgensen, 2017

Supervisor: Mark Rudner

"Matrix Product State Based Algorithms"

Raffael Gawatz, 2017

Supervisor: Mark Rudner

"Periodically driven S-QD-S junction"

Carlos Ortega Taberner, 2017

Supervisor: Jens Paaske

"Superconductor - Semiconductor Quantum Dots in InAs/Al Nanowires for Majorana based Quantum Information"

Deividas Sabonis, 2017

Supervisor: Charles Marcus

"Yu-Shiba-Rusinov Bound States in Quantum Dots"

Gorm Steffensen, 2017

Supervisor: Jens Paaske

"Dephasing of Majorana box qubits"

Morten Munk-Nielsen, 2017

Supervisor: Karsten Flensberg

"Yu-Shiba-Rusinov Bound States in Quantum Dots"

Gorm Steffensen, 2017

Supervisor: Jens Paaske

"Schrödinger-Poisson Calculations for Majorana Devices"

August Edwards Mikkelsen, 2017

Supervisors: Peter Krogstrup & Karsten Flensberg

"Ab initio Hartree-Fock for Periodic helical systems. Method development and applications to carbon nanotubes"

Matej Veis, 2017

Supervisor: Karsten Flensberg

"Charge sensing of epi-Al InAs nanowire devices. Towards Majorana Fusion rule experiment"

Davydas Razmadze, 2017

Supervisor: Charles Marcus

"Properties of Proximitized 2DEGs"

Bjarke Rasmus Nicolaisen, 2017

Supervisor: Karsten Flensberg

"Electron microscopy methods for characterizing semi- superconductor hybrid nanowires"

Thomas Nordqvist, 2017

Supervisors: Peter Krogstrup, Jesper Nygård & Erik Johnson

"Spin-Orbit Interaction and Landé G-Factors in InAsSb Nanowires"

Joachim Sestoft, 2017

Supervisors: Peter Krogstrup & Jesper Nygård

"Investigating InAsSb Nanowires for Majorana Fermion Devices"

Aske Gejl, 2017

Supervisors: Peter Krogstrup & Jesper Nygård

"High mobility core-shell nanowires"

Kasper Kirkholt Laursen, 2016

Supervisors: Jesper Nygård & Kasper Grove-Rasmussen

"Higher Tc superconductors coupled to nanostructures"

Karsten P. K. Madsen, 2016
Supervisors: Kasper Grove-Rasmussen & Jesper Nygård

"Proximitizing InAs 2DEG with NbTi through Epitaxial Aluminum"

Asbjørn Drachmann, 2016

Supervisors: Charles Marcus & Fabrizio Nichele

"Hunt for Majorana Quasiparticles"

Saulius Vaitiekėnas, 2016

Supervisors: Charles Marcus & Piet Brouwer

"Alternative Seed Particles for III-V Nanowire Arrays"
Alexander M. Whiticar
, 2016
Supervisors: Jessica Bolinsson & Jesper Nygård

"Detection and tuning of non-local conductance in a nanowire Cooper pair splitter"
Thomas Antonio Marangoni, 2016
Supervisors: Jesper Nygard & Kasper Grove-Rasmussen

"Semiconductor-Nanowire-Based Superconducting Qubits and Gate-Tunable Couplings"

Thorvald W. Larsen, 2016

Supervisor: Charles Marcus

"Physics of Majorana Fermions"

Asbjørn Rasmussen, 2016

Supervisor: Karsten Flensberg

"Investigating timescales for quasi-particle poisoning in superconducting quantum dots in InAs nanowires"

Morten Madsen, 2016

Supervisor: Charles Marcus

"Readout and Control of Semiconductor Nanowire Based Superconducting Qubits"

Anders Kringhøj, 2016

Supervisor: Karl Petersson

"Steady State Entanglement in Quantum Dot Networks"

Anine Borger, 2016

Supervisor: Mark Rudner

"Hybrid devices based on carbon nanotubes"

Simon Brink, 2016

Supervisors: Jesper Nygård, Kasper Grove-Rasmussen & Morten Canth Hels

"Toward entanglement detection. Non-collinear spin-orbit magnetic fields in a bent carbon nanotube"

Morten Canth Hels, 2015

Supervisors: Jesper Nygård & Kasper Grove-Rasmussen

"Quasi Particle Tunneling in the Fractional Quantum Hall Regime"

Christian J. S. Olsen, 2015

Supervisor: Charles Marcus

"Topological Classification of Floquet-Bloch Systems"

Frederik S. Nathan, 2015

Supervisor: Mark S. Rudner

"Spin Qubit Devices in GaAs - Towards improving operation, coupling and sensing."

Nastasia Okulova, 2015

Supervisor: Charles Marcus

"Scaling Electron Spin Qubit Devices Implemented in GaAs Quantum Dots"

Anton Kovyakh, 2015

Supervisor: Charles Marcus

"Berry Curvature as a Multi-Band Effect in Boltzmann Equations"

Asger Bolet, 2015

Supervisor: Jens Paaske

"Towards the coherent coupling of multiple three-electron spin-qubits"

Johannes Beil, 2014

Supervisor: Charles Marcus

"III-V Semiconductor Nanowires Growth and Characterisation"

Giulio Ungaretti, 2014

Supervisor: Jesper Nygård & Peter Krogstrup

"Understanding the low energy physics of bismuth selenide: A three-dimensional topological insulator"

Mathias Rosdahl Jensen, 2014

Supervisor: Jens Paaske & Anders Mathias Lunde

"Experimental Methods for Implementing Electron Spin Qubits in Double Quantum Dots"

Martin Kufahl, 2014

Supervisor: Charles Marcus

"Sub-Gap Transport in Superconductor-Dot Junctions"

Anika Haller, 2014

Supervisors: Jens Paaske & Felix von Oppen

"Unpaired Majorana Fermions in Disordered p-wave Superconductor and Random Matrix Theory"

Esben Bork Hansen, 2014

Supervisor: Karsten Flensberg

"Long Range Coulomb Interactions in Nearly Metallic Carbon Nanotubes"

Marius Folden Simonsen, 2014

Supervisor: Karsten Flensberg

"Electrical characterization of p-doped GaAs nanowires with varying doping profiles"

Jason Alexander Røhr, 2013

Supervisor: Jesper Nygård

"Majorana fermion representations of magnetic impurity problems"

Bingdong Chang, 2013

Supervisor: Jens Paaske

"Device Fabrication and Low Temperature Measurements of InAs Nanowires with Superconducting Al Shells"

Nino Ziino, 2013

Supervisor: Jesper Nygård and Thomas Sand Jespersen

"C60 Intercalated Bilayer Graphene"

Martin Kühnel, 2013

Supervisor: Jesper Nygård and Jakob Meyer

Bachelor Theses

"Analyzing current-phase relation in Josephson junctions on superconductor-semiconductor heterostructures"
Thor Blokker Rasmussen, 2018
Supervisor: Charles Marcus
"Fabrication and Characterization of Superconducting Coplanar Waveguide Resonator on Silicon and Silicon Germanium Heterostructures"
Victoria Sosnovtseva, 2018
Supervisor: Ferdinand Kuemmeth
"Lattice Mismatch in SAG- Interfaces"
Thue Nikolajsen & Tobias Særkjær, 2018
Supervisor: Peter Krogstrup
"Order  by Disorder in Frustrated Magnetic Systems"
Anne Grosch, 2018
Supervisor: Jens Paaske

"Vortices in s-Wave Superconductors"

Cecilie Hermansen, 2018

Supervisor: Brian Møller Andersen

"Visualisation of Concepts in Condensed Matter Physics"
Nikolai Plambech Nielsen, 2018
Supervisor: Mark Rudner
"Modellig the Topological Features of Exotic Semimetals"
John E. Montgomery, 2018
Supervisor: Michele Burrello
"Spin Waves in Frustrated Heisenberg Models"
Søren Hemberg, 2018
Supervisor: Jens Paaske

"Origin and Effects of FFLO Phases in Superconductors"

Freja Liebach Guttesen, 2018

Supervisor: Brian Møller Andersen

"One Dimensional Spin Chains on Surfaces"

Tai Mathias Skadegaard Thorsen, 2018

Supervisor: Jens Paaske

"Exploring the properties of complex oxide interfaces patterned by optical lithography"
Ricci Falke Erlandsen, 2017
Supervisor: Thomas Sand Jespersen
"Patterning of complex oxide interfaces based on SrTiO3/LaAlO3 heterostructures using photolithography"
Rasmus Tindal Dahm, 2017
Supervisor: Thomas Sand Jespersen
"Graphene as a Two-Dimensional Topological Insulator and the Quantum Anomalous Hall Effect"
Mads Kruuse, 2017
Supervisor: Mark Rudner

"Frustration in classical spin systems"

Sigurd Anker Laursen Storgaard, 2017

Supervisor: Jens Paaske

"Magnetotransport on 2D anisotropic Fermi surfaces"

Ida Nielsen, 2017

Supervisor: Jens Paaske

"Extensible hardware for control of superconducting qubits"

Daniel Ramyar, 2017

Supervisor: Karl David Petersson

"Fabrication and measurement of hybrid quantum dot devices featuring Yu-Shiba-Rusinov sub-gap states"

Jacob Ovesen, 2017

Supervisor: Jesper Nygård

"Properties of nanoscale devices fabricated by AFM-lithography at the GAO/STO interface"

Jonas Dalgaard, 2017

Supervisor: Thomas Sand Jespersen

"Measuring the Superconductor-to-Insulator Transition in a Semiconductor Josephson Junction Array"

Charlotte Bøttcher, 2016

Supervisor: Charles Marcus

"Preparation and tuning of a triple dot spin qubit"

Lillian Austin, 2016

Supervisor: Ferdinand Kuemmeth

"Single-Ion Magnetic Anisotropy"

Hadeel Moustafa, 2016

Supervisor: Jens Paaske

"The Shockley Model for Topological Insulators"

Peter Tunstall, 2016

Supervisor: Jens Paaske

"Control and Charaterization of Hybrid Superconductor Semiconductor Qubit Devices"

Laurits Orheim Andersen, 2016

Supervisor: Karl Petersson

"Deterministic assembly of gatemon qubits using dielectrophoresis"

Vita Heidari, 2016

Supervisor: Karl Petersson

"Fabrication and Electrical Characterization of Semiconductor Nanowire Devices"
Anders Vesti, 2016

Supervisor: Peter Krogstrup

"X-ray characterization of single InAsSb/Al nanowire heterostructures"

Rasmus Østrup Nielsen, 2016

Supervisor: Peter Krogstrup

"Two Dimensional topological states in Zinc Blende heterostructures"

Gorm Ole Steffensen, 2015

Supervisor: Karsten Flensberg

"As-grown Suspended Carbon Nanotubes"

Daniel Steffensen, 2015

Supervisors: Jesper Nygård, Kasper Grove-Rasmussen & Morten Canth Hels

"Fock-Darwin States for an Elliptical Spin-Orbit Coupled Quantum Well"

Marieke van Beest, 2015

Supervisor: Jens Paaske

"Copper-Nanoparticles as a Catalyst for InAs-Nanowire Growth during Molecular Beam Epitaxy"

Laust Raahauge, 2015

Supervisor: Jessica Bolinsson & Jesper Nygård

"Ag Catalysed InAs Nanowire Growth and Scanning Electron Microscopy"

Anders Valdemar Bjørlig, 2015

Supervisor: Jesper Nygård & Jessica Bolinsson

"Fabrication of Bottom Gate Based Semiconductor-Superconductor Nanowire Devices"

Magnus Jørck Ravn, 2015

Supervisor: Mingtang Deng

"Fabrication of Nanowire-based Majorana Devices"

Veronica S. Kirsebom, 2015

Supervisor: Charles Marcus & Mingtang Deng

"Transmons: Benchmarking Gate Control"

Michael Spange Olsen, 2015

Supervisor: Charles Marcus & Karl Petersson

"Modular Low-Temperature Load-Locked Sample System for Quantum Devices"

Morten Madsen, 2014

Supervisor: Ferdinand Kuemmeth

"Introducing Nb to InAs nanowire with epitaxial Al full shell"

Asbjørn Cennet Cliff Drachmann, 2014

Supervisor: Thomas Sand Jespersen & Charles Marcus

Supplementary document: Powerpoint

"Improving coherence time by FPGA based feedback"

Rasmus Skytte Eriksen, 2014

Supervisor: Charles Marcus

"Correlation effect in Molecules"

Simon Brink, 2013

Supervisor: Jens Paaske

"Shapiro steps in Josephson Junctions"

Peder Heiselberg, 2013

Supervisor: Jens Paaske

"Edge States and Contacts in the Quantum Hall Effect"

Jens Rix Nikolajsen, 2013

Supervisor: Karsten Flensberg

"Quantum Transport through Single and Double Quantum Dots"

Iason Tsiamis, 2013

Supervisor: Karsten Flensberg

Liridon Aliti, Mustapha Carab & Mikkel Nørgaard, 2013

Supervisor: Jesper Nygård and Jeppe Holm

"Fabrication and Characterization of InSb Quantum Well Device"

Marina Hesselberg, 2013

Supervisor: Charles Marcus

"Fabrication and Characterization of As-Grown, Suspended Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes"

Michael Pepke Pedersen, 2013

Supervisor: Jesper Nygård, Kasper Grove-Rasmussen

"Characterization of InAs nanowires strained by AFM manipulation"

Merlin von Soosten, 2013

Supervisor: Thomas Sand Jespersen

"Dispersive Readout in Mesoscopic Structures"

Thorvald Wadum Larsen, 2013

Supervisor: Charles Marcus

"Measuring Fractional Quantum Hall Effect"

Christian Olsen & Katrine Rasmussen, 2013

Supervisor: Charles Marcus

"High BC Josephson Field Effect Transistors"

Kasper Langkjer & Mads von Borries, 2013

Supervisor: Charles Marcus & Willy Chang

"Comparative Study of Mechanically Exfoliated and CVD-Grown Graphene"

Pedram Sadeghi, 2013

Supervisor: Jesper Nygård, Jakob Meyer & Rune Hviid