There exist a large number of interesting courses in both theoretical and experimental condensed matter physics.

The following table gives an overview of the courses that are currently offered. Courses highlighted in blue are particularly relevant for a solid theoretical foundation of condensed matter physics.

Level / Block









 Bachelor    level

Condensed Matter Physics 1




Master level

Advanced Quantum Mechanics

Condensed Matter Theory 1

Condensed Matter Theory 2

 Advanced Topics in Condensed Matter Theory

Quantum Optics

Condensed Matter Physics 2

Experimental X-ray physics

Neutron scattering


Condensed Matter Experiments

Quantum Nanoelectronics

Current Topics in Quantum Devices, PhD course

Students interested in doing a Master thesis in condensed matter theory are strongly encouraged to take the courses marked in green: QM3, CMP1, CMP2, CMT1, CMT2 and Advanced Topics in Condensed Matter Theory, which provide a very good background for the last year’s project work.