Qdev seminar by Marie Wesson, Harvard University

Exploring superfluid dynamics of superconducting rings with circuit QED

The advent of circuit quantum electrodynamics opened up a new venue spanning the fields of synthetic matter, quantum information, and quantum sensors, just to name a few.

A foundational element of these applications relies on high-quality factor superconducting resonators based on the Fabry-Perot-inspired geometries.

The range of accessible physics can be expanded by considering resonator geometries with superconducting rings.

Here I will discuss a contactless method of probing the superfluid stiffness of a superconducting ring with a cQED approach.

The superfluid stiffness, which quantifies the energy required to wind the phase of a superconductor, plays a crucial role in understanding a superconductor and can be used to determine order parameter symmetry and study the hydrodynamics of a superfluid.

Here we report the superfluid response of a superconducting ring in the low flux regime using this technique.

I will also discuss our approach to probe nonreciprocity in unconventional superconductors and pairing symmetry in van der waals superconductors.