Menno Veldhorst

QuTech, TU Delft

Quantum computing in silicon and germanium

Electrons and holes confined in quantum dots define an excellent building block for quantum emergence, simulation, and computation. In order for quantum electronics to become practical, large numbers of quantum dots will be required, necessitating the fabrication of scaled structures such as linear and 2D arrays. Group IV semiconductors contain stable isotopes with zero nuclear spin and can thereby serve as excellent host for spins with long quantum coherence. In this talk, I will present my group’s work on quantum dot arrays in silicon, strained silicon, and strained germanium. Results include the first demonstration of two-qubit logic with quantum dots operating at temperature exceeding 1K, the coherent operation of a single hole, and two-qubit logic with germanium. I will then focus on our efforts to operate larger systems based on quantum dots positioned in two-dimensional arrays.