Serwan Asaad

The University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

Coherent electrical control of a single high-spin nucleus in silicon

Nuclear spins are the most coherent quantum systems in the solid state. However, scalably controlling individual nuclei via magnetic resonance faces the challenge of confining magnetic fields at the nanometer scale. Here we demonstrate the coherent quantum control of a single antimony (spin-7/2) nucleus, using localized electric fields produced within a silicon nanoelectronic device.

The method exploits a microscopic modulation of the nuclear electric quadrupole interaction and the presence of lattice strain, as revealed by a quantitative theoretical model. The spin coherence time surpasses by orders of magnitude those obtained via methods that require a coupled electron spin for electrical drive.These results show that high-spin quadrupolar nuclei could be deployed as quantum registers, chaotic models, strain sensors and hybrid quantum systems using all-electrical controls.