QDev Seminar: Simon Schaal

PhD Student, UCL

Time-based multiplexing and Josephson parametric amplifier for gate-based dispersive readout

Accurate quantum state readout is an essential ingredient for quantum computation. Gate-based dispersive readout is a scalable way of reading out quantum dot devices as it takes the gate defining the quantum dot itself and turns it into a sensor by coupling it to a resonant circuit and using reflectometry techniques.
In this talk I want to show some of our recent results where we integrate CMOS quantum dot devices with a transistor circuit for time-multiplexed gate-based readout showing the potential behind CMOS compatible devices for quantum computation offering solutions for challenges in control, readout and fast data processing when scaling up to a large number of qubits due to the ability to directly interface between digital and quantum electronics.
In the second half of my talk I would like to present recent progress on using a Josephson parametric amplifier for improving the sensitivity of gate-based dispersive readout.