QDev Bachelor Defense: Thor Blokker Rasmussen

Analyzing current-phase relation in Josephson junctions on superconductor-semiconductor heterostructures

This thesis contains the work I have done to extract and analyze current-phase relation (CPR) data of Josephson junctions in asymmetric superconduncting quantum infterference devices (SQUID), realized in hybrid InAs/Al heterostructures, hosting a two-dimensional electron gas (2DEG). The analysis is done by tting the data with the analytical expression for the CPR of short S-2DEG-S Josephson junctions, in which the supercurrent is carried by Andreev bound states(ABS). From these ts I extract an average transmission of the junction and qualitatively try to understand the nature of this average. This is done by assesing the amount of ABSs with high or low transmission by comparison with a simultaneously taken tunneling spectroscopy measurement.