Cancelled - QDev Seminar: HeinerLinke

Professor of Nanophysics; Director of NanoLund, Lund University

Cancelled Seminar

Parallel computing based on molecular motors
We recently presented proof-of-concept of a parallel computer by solving the specific instance {2, 5, 9} of a classical nondeterministic-polynomial-time complete (“NP-complete”) problem, the subset sum problem. The computer consists of a specifically designed, nanostructured network explored by a large number of molecular-motor-driven, protein filaments. This system is highly energy efficient, thus avoiding the heating issues limiting electronic computers. I will discuss the technical advances necessary to solve larger combinatorial problems than existing computation devices, potentially leading to a new way to tackle difficult mathematical problems.
Nicolau, D. V et al. (2016). Parallel computation with molecular-motor-propelled agents in nanofabricated networks. PNAS, 113 2591–2596 (2016).