Bachelor Defense: Anders Vesti

Title: Fabrication and Electrical Characterization of Semiconductor Nanowire Devices

In this report several InAs-core nanowire based devices meant for electrical characterization of nanowires are succesfully created through Electron Beam Lithography fabrication utilizing state of the art equiment. The fabrication process is documented and described. The nanowires are electrically characterized at three different temperatures: 299 Kelvin, 50 Kelvin and 25 Kelvin. Through 4-probe measurements the intrinsic resitivity of the nanowires are measured to in the order of 10 -4 ‡/m. 
Aglobal Silicon/Silicon-Oxide back gate is used to perform field effect mobility measurements. The mobilities found are lower than expected. Reasons for these low mobilities are discussed and from the experiences made in this report, proposals for design inprovements for future investigations are given.
By measuring aluminum etched InAs-core and InAs/GaSb-core nanowires in compairison with control nanowires that have not seen aluminum, this report will try to document the effect aluminum etching have on the mobility of the nanowires. However this report could not document a clear effect