QDev Seminar: Robert McNeil – University of Copenhagen

QDev Seminar: Robert McNeil

Quantum Technology Group
Aachen University

Routing for (spin) qubits: an electron conveyor approach

In recent years the focus on coherent qubit manipulation has broadened from single to two qubit operations and now increasingly the issue of performing operations on any two qubits (scalability) is being addressed or at least actively considered.
With superconducting qubits (e.g. transmons), cavities and waveguides can facilitate remote coupling and optical cavities can be used with diamond NV-centres but for lithographically defined quantum dots no similar long-range coupling schemes exist.
In this talk I will layout an approach using single electron conveyors that should allow the coherent transportation of ST0 (and other spin based) qubits over distances on the order of 10 $\mu$m without significantly increasing the complexity of system set up or operation. This would greatly simplify the logistics of scaling up such qubits while still allowing access for control voltages and readout circuit connections in a layout suitable for implementing surface code.