Workshop: Nanowires - growth related aspects

Welcome to join for a half-day workshop on the topic
Nanowires (NW) – growth related aspects

13.00  Temperature dependence of Ag-seeded GaAs NWs

           Caroline Lindberg, Copenhagen University, Denmark

13.30  Antimonide-based NW growth

          Sepideh Gorji Ghalamestani, Lund University, Sweden

14.00  Recent results on growth of III-V NWs and related geometries

           at the Australian National University

           Philippe Caroff, Australian National University, Australia

14.30  Coffee and cake

14.45  Phase Diagrams – a tool for Understanding NW Heterostructures

           Masoomeh Ghasemi, Lund University, Sweden

15:15  In-situ TEM for understanding NW growth

           Kimberly Dick Thelander, Lund University, Sweden

15:45  Atom Probe Tomography of Core-Shell NW Heterostructures

           for Understanding Growth and Building Simulations

           Lincoln Lauhon, Northwestern University, USA

16:15  Metal epitaxy and grain growth on semiconductor nanowire facets

            Peter Krogstrup, Copenhagen University, Denmark


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