QDev Seminar: Hong Guo

Quantum Information and Quantum Metrology

Prof. Hong Guo is the vice director of EE, and the director of the Center for Quantum Information Technology, Peking University. He got his PhD at Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, CAS in 1995 and is now the Professor and Director of Center for Quantum Information Technology at Peking University. His research area covers theory and experiment of quantum key distribution and quantum metrology, and theory of quantum open system and entanglement dynamics. He is the Fellow of Institute of Physics (UK) and Chair of Commission D: Electronics and Photonics, URSI-CIE. He is also the Chair of Quantum Information Technology Division, National Hi-Tech R&D Program of China and Vice Chair of Quantum Cryptography Society, Chinese Association for Cryptologic Research and Vice Chair of Quantum Electronics and Optoelectronics Society, Chinese Institute of Electronics. He has more than 170 peer-reviewed articles in peer-reviewed (OSA, APS, AIP, IEEE, IOP) journals and presented many invited talks at international conferences, symposiums or workshops.

His research interest:
Quantum Random Number Generation, Quantum Communication (Quantum key distribution), Quantum Entanglement Dynamics, Quantum Optics (EIT, Slow and Fast Light), Free Space Optical Communication (Laser Satellite Communications) and Nondiffracting Pulsed Optical Beams and Spatially Induced Dispersion, etc.