PhD Defense - Peter Dahl Nissen – University of Copenhagen

PhD Defense - Peter Dahl Nissen

Spin Qubits in GaAs Heterostructures and Gating of InAs Nanowires for Low-temperature Measurements

Spintronics is used to describes electronics based on control over the spin of the electron rather than the charge; instead of having the charge as the carrier of information, the electrons spin-state should be the target for control and detection in a given device. The spin qubit, one of the contenders in the race to build a large-scale quantum computer, is such a component, and research aiming to build, manipulate and couple spin qubits is looking at many materials systems to nd one where the requirements for fast control and long coherence time can be combined with ecient coupling between distant qubits. This thesis presents electric measurement on two of the materials systems currently at the forefront of the spin qubit race, namely InAs nanowires and GaAs/AlGaAs heterostructures.

Supervisor: Prof. Jesper Nygard

Evaluation Committee: 

Ass. Prof. Jens Paaske, NBI, University of Copenhagen (chairman)
Ass. Prof. Dominik Zumbühl, Department of Physics and Swiss Nanoscience Institute SNI, University of Basel
Prof. Lars-Erik Wernersson, Physics Department and Electrical- and Information Technology Department, Lund University