Lund-Tokyo-Copenhagen-Beijing Workshop on Quantum Devices

Program Booklet available here (PDF).

List of speakers

Speakers from University of Tokyo

Akira Oiwa

Cooper pair splitting in parallel quantum dot Josephson junctions

Giles Allison

Coupling a quantum dot in an InSb nanowire to a superconducting resonator

Juergen Sailer

a.c. Josephson effect in Niobium/InSb nanowire junctions

Yasushi Kanai

Josephson current through an InSb nanowire with a strong spin-orbit interaction


Speakers from Lund University

Heiner Linke

Thermoelectric transport in quantum dots

Peter Samuelsson

Nonlocal electron transport through nanoscale conductors in microwave cavities

Andreas Wacker

Two-level interference in nanosystems

Mingtang Deng

Zero-bias conductance peak in Josephson quantum dot junctions with and without Majorana fermions

Kristian Storm

Spatially resolved Hall measurements in core-shell InP nanowires

Guangyao Huang

Signatures of Majorana fermions in hybrid Superconductor-Semiconductor-Superconductor Josephson nanowire devices


Speakers from Peking University

Shaoyun Huang

Si and Ge nanowire based quantum dots for spin qubits


Speakers from University of Copenhagen

Martin Leijnse

Coupling Spin Qubits via Superconductors

Ferdinand Kuemmeth

Hole spin physics in Ge-Si core-shell nanowires

Johannes Beil

Microwave control of the exchange-only spin

Gediminas Kirsanskas

Spin induced subgap states in superconductor/quantum dot/superconductor junctions