Welcome to the QDev Newsletter
It is our pleasure to present to you our first issue of the QDev Newsletter where we will cover QDev news and announcements in the beginning of each month.

Upcoming Events:
In December, we will be marking the Holiday Season with two casual afternoon events, Danish style.  On the 9th, after the CMT group meeting, join us in the Lounge on the 4th floor for a bit of heart shaped cake and heart shaped decorations.  Cake will be served at 3 PM.

We will serve the traditional Danish “Gløgg and Æbleskiver” on the 18th at 15:15 in the second floor lunch room.  Despite their name, æbleskiver have nothing to do with apples. They are ball-shaped cakes made of pancake dough and eaten with strawberry jam and/or powdered sugar. Gløgg is originally a Swedish tradition, adapted by the Danes, in essence a mug of warm mulled wine.  

New staff:
We have a couple of confirmations on people joining us in the new year.  
Esben Bork Hansen will start on his PhD in February.

Alexander Whiticar and Karsten P K Madsen will join to work on their Master, supervised by Jesper Nygård.

Michael Spang Olsen (photo) will be joining to do a  Bachelor project with Charlie.

If you have a new person starting or other save-the-date news, please advise Katrin to include in the next installment.

Leaving us:
Giulio Ungaretti (photo) is leaving us for new adventures.  His last day at QDev will be the 12th of December.  If you would  like to join us in saying goodbye to Giulio, drop by for cake and hearts in the QDev Lounge on the 9th at 3 PM.

Save the date:
There will be a QDev lunch on 3. February 2015.  Venue and speaker information will be announced in the new year.

The QDev Admin Team wishes you all Happy Holidays!