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Center Lab Phone (4.sal): +45 21 32 86 15
Lounge Phone (4.sal):  +45 40 49 89 07

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QDev Faculty:Til toppen

Charles Marcus


+45 20341181

Charlie Marcus is the Villum Kann Rasmussen Professor at the Niels Bohr Institute and Center Director of QDev. Before coming to Copenhagen in 2011, he also taught Physics at Stanford University (92-99) and Harvard University (00-10). Read more >>

Karsten Flensberg


+45 35320418

Karsten Flensberg works in the research group Solid State Physics and is a co-founder of Center for Quantum Devices. Read more >>

Jesper Nygård


+45 24626120

My activities cover mainly carbon nanomaterials and semiconductor nano wires grown in-house. When turned into electronic devices they enable investigations and control of quantum phenomena, Read more >>

Thomas Sand Jespersen


+45 35320402

I am an associate professor working with experimental low temperature quantum transport at the Center for Quantum Devices. Read more >>

Ferdinand Kuemmeth


+45 21162657

My focus centers on practical quantum design and cryogenic electric manipulation and readout techniques. By choosing the material, geometry and boundary conditions, we create nanodevices with Read more >>

Jens Paaske


+45 35320395

I work on theoretical many-body physics, with a strong emphasis on correlated electrons in solid state systems. This includes problems of quantum transport either in bulk materials or through Read more >>

Mark Rudner


If the twentieth century was about discovering the quantum mechanical laws that govern our universe, then the 21st century is about pushing the boundaries, and finding out want these laws allow us to do. Read more >>

QDev Postdocs and Assistant Professors: Til toppen

Jessica Bolinsson


My research interests lies in III-V semiconducting nanowires, ranging from characterizing on single-atom level to design and controlled fabrication by growth parameter tuning. I received my PhD from Read more >>

Jeroen Danon


I work as a postdoc at the Niels Bohr International Academy. I do theoretical research in the fields of quantum transport and mesoscopic physics, mostly focusing on topics in the direction of Read more >>

Mingtang Deng


+45 5033 6054

My interest mainly focus on the electron transport research in low dimensional superconductor/semiconductor hybrid quantum systems. Those systems support us a great platform to investigate how Read more >>

Kasper Grove-Rasmussen


+45 3532 0402

My research is focused on hybrid circuits formed by coupling superconductors to nanoscale quantum systems formed in e.g. carbon nanotubes and semiconductor nanowires. Read more >>

Kjetil Hals


+45 2227 5266

Kjetil Hals is currently a postdoc at the Niels Bohr International Academy. He received his PhD in theoretical physics in 2011 at NTNU, Trondheim, Norway. Read more >>

Jeppe Holm


Since 2008 I have been growing III-V nanowires with the focus of making them into solar cells. I received my PhD in 2013 from The Niels Bohr Institute for the Read more >>

Peter Krogstrup


Peter Krogstrup finished his PhD in physics in October of 2012, at the Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen. Today, he is working as an assistant professor at QDev, as a part of the Microsoft Read more >>

Anders Mathias Lunde


+45 3532 0421

I am currently doing a postdoc funded by the Carlsberg Foundation at QDev. My main research activities are centered around the theoretical description of mesoscopic systems and topological insulators.

Frederico Martins


+45 7168 3391

My research interests are mainly focused on studying few-electron systems and, in particular, on giving a "local" understanding on a significant number of effects. In July 2014, I joined the QDev to collaborate in the Solid-State Qubits project.

Fabrizio Nichele


I joined QDEV in August 2014 as a postdoc. My research is focused on two dimensional systems with strong spin orbit interaction. Read more >>

Peter Dahl Nissen


+45 6171 4253

I am currently a postdoc at QDev, doing experimental research on electron spin qubits in GaAs/AlGaAs heterostructures. The main focus of my work is scaling devices from single to multiple qubits. Read more >>

Karl Petersson


+45 5065 5954

I am currently a Marie Curie Fellow at the Center for Quantum Devices. I received my PhD from the University of Cambridge in 2009 and carried out postdoctoral work at Princeton University between Read more >>

Mike Alan Schecter


My research pertains to the theory of superfluidity, quantum transport in reduced dimensions, non-equilibrium phenomena and strongly correlated quantum impurity problems. I’m also interested in Read more >>

Daniel Sherman


I'm a postdoc in QDev experimental group. I'm currently working on nanowire devices as a platform to observe and manipulate Majorana states. Read more >>

Christian Volk


My research focuses on qubits in undoped Si/SiGe two-dimensional electron gasses (2DEGs). Heterostructures based on isotopically purified Si-28 are of special interest. I joined QDev in June 2014 and participate in the SiSpin project.


QDev PhDs and students: Til toppen

Sven Albrecht

PhD Candidate


After graduating from RWTH Aachen University with a BSc and UCPH with a MSc in Physics, I joined QDev in 2013. My research interests lie in semiconductor-superconductor hybrid structures, such as Read more >>

Asger Bolet

Masters Student


As my master thesis project I consider Keldysh Formalism as a way to consistently and controlled construct a multi-band Boltzmann equation. Which in turn should make it possible to include terms Read more >>

Anine Borger

Masters Student


+45 2889 0930

I joined QDev in spring 2014 as a master student with Mark Rudner as supervisor. I am investigating possibilities for using quantum dots and quantum dot arrays Read more >>

Simon Brink

Masters Student


Charlotte Bøttcher

Bachelor Student


I joined Qdev in the spring of 2014 after finishing my first project of my undergraduate study. I am now working as a part of the FQHE-team where my main focus has been lying on fabrication, Read more >>

Emilie Mai Elkiær

Bachelor Student


I joined QDev in the fall 2014. My focus is fabrication and characterisation of superconducting resonator circuits for hybrid circuit quantum electrodynamics in high magnetic fields.

Rasmus Skytte Eriksen

Bachelor Student


+45 4239 4313

I became part of the QDev research team in November 2013, and now as a bachelor student, I am working on using fast feedback achieved through FPGA technology to stabilize solid-state spin-based qubits.

Erikas Gaidamauskas

PhD Candidate


I am a PhD student at the Condensed Matter Theory Group. My research is focused on the time reversal invariant topological superconductivity and on the influence of the spin-orbit coupling on the properties of the conventional superconductors.

Esben Bork Hansen

PhD Candidate


I am a master student at the Qdev theory group and my superviser is prof. Karsten Flensberg. My main topic is topological insulators and superconductors and I am currently looking into the elusive Majorana fermions in one dimensional systems with disorder.

Morten Canth Hels

PhD Candidate


+45 2972 0468

I joined QDev in the fall of 2013 as a PhD student. I received my BS degree from the University of Copenhagen in 2012 and spent the following year studying at UCLA. I am primarily interested in Carbon Nanotubes, specifically for use in a Cooper pair splitter device.

Andrew Higginbotham

PhD Candidate


I am a PhD student at QDev. I measure and manipulate spins in semiconductor nanostructures, such as GaAs and GeSi quantum dots. My future work will involve spins in InSb dots.

Anders Jellinggaard

PhD Candidate


+45 2664 2790

 As a PhD-student in the experimental section of QDev, I study InAs nanowire
devices proximitized to a superconductor. I am primarily funded by the SE2ND
project which aims to realize efficient Cooper pair splitters as a source of
spin entangled electrons.

Magnus Jørck


I joined Qdev in the summer of 2014 starting what has now become my bachelor project. I am working as a part of the Majorana-subgroup where I make bottomgates InAs nanowire circuits to measure Majorana bound states.

Veronica Kirsebom


I became part of Qdev in the spring of 2014 with Mingtang Deng as my superviser. My work has mainly been focusing on fabrication of one-dimensional hybrid superconductor/
semiconductor nanowire devices.

Morten Kjærgaard

PhD Candidate


My research is focused on inducing superconductivity in a 2-dimensional electron gas. I work on the electron gas in an InSb/AlInSb heterostructure, a material that has a large electronic g-factor and a significant spin-orbit interaction. Read more >>

Anders Kringhøj

Bachelor Student


+45 2873 5868

I joined QDev in the summer 2014, where I did a small project in the spin qubits group on a GaAs/AlGaAs device finishing my undergraduate. In September 2014 I started on the Master’s programme, where the plan is to start my thesis project in the beginning of 2015, also in the spin qubits group.

Thorvald Wadum Larsen

PhD Candidate


+45 2943 5052

I am a PhD student who joined QDev during my bachelor in 2012.My bachelor project concerned dispersive readout of charge states in double quantum dots. I am now working on superconducting qubits in cavaties. A field that has shown incredible progress toward quantum information processing.

Caroline Lindberg

PhD Candidate


I started my PhD studies at Qdev in October 2013. My research is within characterizing nanowires with transmission electron microscopy.

Morten Madsen

Masters Student


I joined QDev in January 2014 as part of my Bachelor’s thesis where I developed their next generation sample holders. Currently I’m working on characterizing nanowires with a quantum dot coupled to a superconducting half-shell exposed to an external magnetic field.

Filip Malinowski

PhD Candidate


I joined QDev in August 2014, just after finishing my MSc in Warsaw. Now I work on spin qubits in GaAs, trying to couple a pair of them and increase their relaxation times.

Jakob Meyer

PhD Candidate


+45 2927 3765

My field of interest lies in the overlap between fundamental and applied nano science. I work on a new generation of devices in which graphene contacts semiconducting nanowires or molecules. Such devices Read more >>

Frederik Nathan

Masters Student


I work on my master's thesis with Mark Rudner as my supervisor. We are looking at a general way of finding the topological invariants of periodically driven systems. Just as in the static case, where certain Read more >>

Thomas Nordquist

Bachelor Student


+45 6131 5572

I joined QDev in the spring 2014 as a bachelor student. My field of interest is in characterizing epitaxial grown semiconductor-metal core-shell nanowires by transmission electron microscopy.

Christian Olsen

Masters Student


+45 6177 4499

My current work is in the field of the fractional quantum hall effect. At the moment, my primary interests are ν = 1/3 and ν = 2/3 in constricted regions; QPC's and dots. These theoretically well known fractions are still not fully understood, e.g. the fractional charge of ν = 2/3.

Michael Spange Olsen

Bachelor student


Guenevere Prawiroatmodjo

PhD Candidate


Guen is a PhD student who joined QDev in the summer of 2013. She is from the Netherlands, with a background in condensed matter physics and opto-electronics, having done research in Delft, Sydney and Barcelona. Read more >>

Katrine Rasmussen

Masters Student


I am a student of NBI and joined QDev in September 2012 to do the finishing project of my undergraduate study. Currently I am working as a part of the experimental FQHE-group. Read more >>

Nina Rasmussen

Masters Student


I joined Qdev in the spring 2014 to do my master thesis. The current focus of my work is the investigation of Josephson Junctions in epitaxially grown InAs nanoflakes and core-shell InAs/Al nanowires.

Samuel Sanchez

PhD Candidate


My current research is focused on domain walls in Fractional Quantum Hall ferromagnets and their influence on transport properties. Additionally, I aim to investigate the influence of electron-nuclear spin coupling on transport in these systems.

Joachim Sestoft

Bachelor Student


+45 2547 5103

I joined QDev in the spring of 2014 as a bachelor student. I did two independent studies, before I began writing my bachelor thesis, which is my current status. My primary field of interest is electrical charactization of nanowires.

Henri Suominen

PhD Candidate


+45 5363 0672

I joined Qdev in September 2013 as a PhD student to study the possibility of using strong spin-orbit two-dimensional electron systems coupled to conventional superconductors for scalable topological Read more >>

Rawa Tanta

PhD Candidate


My research is focused on Raman Spectroscopy of single InAs nanowires. I am interested in detecting Phonon-Plasmon coupled modes which enlarge the ability of Raman Spectroscopy beyond crystal structure inspection.

Felix Trier

PhD Candidate


I have a background in Nanoscience (B.Sc. and M.Sc.) from the University of Copenhagen and my current research is focused on device fabrication and characterization of oxide heterostructure Read more >>

Giulio Ungaretti

Masters Student


My current research interest lies in MBE grown III-V nanowires and networks for quantum transport.  I use x-ray and electron techniques to characterize their structure.  I am a master student and I joined Qdev in the summer of 2013.

Merlin von Soosten

Masters Student


+45 5013 1173

I joined QDev shortly after its genesis in 2012 and focused my research on (core/shell) III-V nanowires: Electron transport at low temperatures and the effect of induced strain on the transport properties.

Konrad Wōlms

PhD Candidate


My research focuses on one dimensional topological systems. In particular I theoretically investigate problems related to Majorana fermions and their application for quantum computation and quantum memories.

QDev Associates:Til toppen

Brian Møller Andersen


+45 35320419

I work as an associate professor in the condensed matter theory group at NBI. Main research activities are centered around strongly correlated electron systems with special focus of unconventional Read more >>

Matthias Christandl


Matthias Christandl is a professor at the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Copenhagen.

Matthias` research is in the area of Quantum Information Theory. Read more >>

Per Hedegård


+45 35320435 

Joshua Folk


Silvia Lüscher Folk


Martin Leijnse


Finn Berg Rasmussen


Finn Berg Rasmussen, pensioned 2006. Conduction in metals and semimetals, thermodynamic and nuclear magnetic properties of Ag, Rh, and 3He. Read more >>

QDev Technical Staff:Til toppen

Inger Jensen


+45 35320466

Morten L. Jensen


+45 29618465

Nader Payami


+45 35320450

Claus B. Sørensen


+45 35320449

Shivendra Upadhyay


+45 21289025


QDev Administrative Staff: Til toppen

Jess Martin

HCØ Program Director


+45 20341155

Lena Hansen

Executive Assistant


+45 40498907

Dorthe Bjergskov Nielsen

Administrative Coordinator


+45 21161774

Tina Bang-Christensen

Group Secretary


+45 51331277

Katrin Hjorth

Center Secretary


+45 21552975

Lillian Marie Austin 

Student assistant


Martin Vindbæk Madsen

Student assistant