QDev/NBIA 2014 Summer School

Quantum Effects in Low-Dimensional Systems

29 June - 4 July, 2014

Organized jointly between Center for Quantum Devices and Niels Bohr International Academy.  It will take place at the historic buildings of the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen.

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The 2014 QDev/NBIA summer school in condensed matter physics will have a focus on recent developments in materials, hybrid structures, and quantum electronic devices. The format will be highly interactive, with lectures and discussion sessions covering advanced topics in topological materials, i.e. topological insulators and superconductors, and quantum control in solid state systems. Theoretical and experimental aspects of these topics will be addressed throughout the week.


Brian Møller Andersen, NBI, Copenhagen
Guido Burkard, University of Konstanz, Germany
Silvano de Franceschi, CEA, Grenoble, France
Charles Kane, University of Pennsylvania, USA
Ady Stern, Weizmann Institute, Israel 
Amir Yacoby, Harvard University, USA 


Mark Rudner, Karsten Flensberg, Charlie Marcus



The aim of the school is to create a stimulating and educational experience for an audience of experimental and theoretical condensed matter physics PhD and advanced master students, built upon lectures by distinguished researchers in the field.

Each speaker will be allocated 4-5 hours, with a mixture of lectures (2 sessions), and interactive sessions. For experimental topics, the interactive sessions will have the form of a journal club on a paper by the speaker. Time will be allocated for students to read and discuss the paper amongst themselves, and to formulate questions to be asked of the speaker during a final open discussion session.