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List of group meetings 2019

Speaker 1 Speaker 2
Anasua Chatterjee
TItle: Spin qubits enter the second dimension
Anders Kringhøj
Title: Full-shell gatemon qubits with leads

Albert Hertel

Title: Superconducting gatemon qubits based on selective-area-grown semiconductor materials

Thomas Nordqvist
Title: A materials study

Saulius Vaitiekénas

Title: Quantum Phase Transitions in Re-Entrant Destructive Superconductors

Frederik Nathan
Title: Topological frequency conversion in a driven dissipative quantum cavity

Damon Carrad

Superconductor/semiconductor hybrid devices grown using the substrate as a shadow mask

Federico Fedele
Current pumping trajectories of single electrons through a double quantum dot

Mark Rudner

Title: Spontaneous magnetization via Berryogenesis in driven electronic systems

Oscar Erlandsson
Title: Charge-parity switching in a hybrid nanowire device.

List of group meetings 2018

Speaker 1

Speaker 2

Speaker 3

Filip Krizek

Title: Selective area grown nanowire networks

Frederik Nathan

Title: Stability of the anomalous Floquet phases

Deividas Sabonis

 Title: The power of half: Results towards Majorana-assisted charge qubit


Panagiotis Kotetes

Title: Hybridization at superconductor-semiconductor interfaces


Saulius Vaitikenas

Title: Selective area grown hybrids: how does it taste?

Mingtang Deng

Title: Andreev Bound States in a Ring


Tommy Li

Title: Multi-level dynamics and decoherence in a two-island Majorana qbit

Sergej Schuwalov

Title: Probing InAs and InAs/Al heterostructure interfaces with angle-resolved soft X-ray spectroscopy

Lukas Stamper

Title: Multiterminal Josephson Junctions


Ajit Balram

Title: Current induced gap opening in interacting topological insulators

Malcolm Connolly

Title:Towards a 2DEG Andreev qubit

Antonio Fornieri

Title: Coherent transport in superconductor/semiconductor quantum dots


David van Zanten

Title: Microwave and bias spectroscopy of bound state – insulator – bound state transport

Esben Bork Hansen

Title: Electron-hole components of subgap states in Coulomb blockadedMajorana islands

Dovydas Razmadze

Title: Warmup steps for Majorana based qubit in hybrid semiconductor devices.

Gerbold Ménard

Title: Anti-poisoning filter in a nanowire

Raffael Gawatz

Title: Realizing Universal Dynamics Through Heating


Thorvald Wadum Larsen

Title: Developing a cQED-based Majorana Zero Mode Detector

Morten Munk-Nielsen

Title: Dephasing of Majorana qubits in infinite nanowires with local noise


Postponed to October

Postponed to October

Sabbir Khan

Title: Controlled Synthesis of a Large Scale Semiconductor Nanowire Networks

Juan Carlos Estrada Saldana

Title: The ground of a double quantum dot with superconducting leads


Michele Burello

Title: Dyonic zero-energy modes

Martin Bjergfeldt

Title: Shadow mask platform for in-situ patterning of superconductor on InAs nanowires


Alexander Whiticar

Title: Evidence of topological superconductivity in planar Josephson juctions

Esteban Martinez

Title: Observing pairs of zero-bias end states  in three-terminal Superconductor- Semiconductor devices

List of group meetings 2017

Speaker 1
Speaker 2
Speaker 3

David van Zanten

Panagiotis Kotetes

Ajit C Balram
10/3 Filip Křížek Erikas Gaidamauskas Shunji Matsuura

Rawa Tanta

Morten Munk-Nielsen Morten Hels

Thorvald Wadum Larsen

Title: Engineering Superconducting Circuits for Protected Qubits

Saulius Vaitiekėnas

Title: Gate Controlled g-factor and Topological Gap in Majorana Nanowires

Michael Alan Schecter

Title: Ising transition in the two-dimensional Heisenberg model


Samuel Sanchez

Lucas Casparis

Title: Introducing the 2DEG gatemon

Michael Hell

Title: Distinguishing nonlocal Majorana bound states from local Andreev bound states with interferometry


Alexander Whiticar

Title: Aharonov- Bohm oscillations in a mesoscopic ring coupled to a superconducting quantum dot

Peter Krogstrup

Anders Kringhøj

Title: Exploring the semiconductor Josephson juncton of the gatemon


Fabrizio Nichele

Title: Majorana modes in superconducting InAs/Al two-dimensional heterostructures

Federico Fedele

Mingtang Deng

Gerbold Ménard

Title: The (long) road to the Majorana qubit

Robert McNeil

Title:  A (short) road to many qubits - via the alignment of nanowires in a wafer-scale format using dielectrophoresis


Eoin O'Farrell

Title: Bound state spectroscopy of hybrid superconductor semiconductor quantum dots

Jonas Skovlund Madsen

Title: Imaging Scatterometry for characterization of nanostructures

Filip Malinowski

Title: Spin qubit tricks for Majoranas


Ervand Kandelaki

Title: Many-body dynamics and gap opening in interacting periodically driven systems

Natalie Pearson

Title: Quantum Simulations on Superconducting Qubits

Damon Carrad

Title: Crystal-phase quantum dots in InAs nanocrosses


Rawa Tanta

Title: Raman spectroscopy for characterization of nanowires.

Hung Nguyen

Title: Fast sensing of quasiparticle poisoning in InAs/Al superconducting island.

Michele Burrello

Title: From nanowires with spin-orbit coupling to chiral ladders and quantum Hall states.


Karl Petersson

Title:Superconducting circuits to probe Majorana zero modes

Asbjørn Drachmann

Title: The Optimal Superconductor for 2DEG Majorana Experiments

Fabio Ansaloni:

Title: Fabrication and characterization of quantum dots in Si based materials for spin qubit application.