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QDev-All Group Meetings

List of QDev-All group 2018

QDev-All monthly group meetings are held on a Friday at 13:15 hrs.  All meetings will be held in AUD 6 unless otherwise announced.  At the group meetings, we talk about some of our very recent, on-going, or even ideas for future work. Each group meeting has three presenters:


Filip Krizek

Title: Selective area grown nanowire networks

Frederik Nathan

Title: Stability of the anomalous Floquet phases

Deividas Sabonis

 Title: The power of half: Results towards Majorana-assisted charge qubit


Panagiotis Kotetes

Title: Hybridization at superconductor-semiconductor interfaces


Saulius Vaitikenas

Title: Selective area grown hybrids: how does it taste?

Mingtang Deng

Title: Andreev Bound States in a Ring


Tommy Li

Title: Multi-level dynamics and decoherence in a two-island Majorana qbit

Sergej Schuwalov

Title: Probing InAs and InAs/Al heterostructure interfaces with angle-resolved soft X-ray spectroscopy

Lukas Stamper

Title: Multiterminal Josephson Junctions


Ajit Balram

Title: Current induced gap opening in interacting topological insulators

Malcolm Connolly

Title:Towards a 2DEG Andreev qubit

Antonio Fornieri

Title: Coherent transport in superconductor/semiconductor quantum dots


David van Zanten

Title: Microwave and bias spectroscopy of bound state – insulator – bound state transport

Esben Bork Hansen

Title: Electron-hole components of subgap states in Coulomb blockadedMajorana islands

Dovydas Razmadze

Title: Warmup steps for Majorana based qubit in hybrid semiconductor devices.

Gerbold Ménard

Title: Anti-poisoning filter in a nanowire

Raffael Gawatz

Title: Realizing Universal Dynamics Through Heating


Thorvald Wadum Larsen

Title: Developing a cQED-based Majorana Zero Mode Detector

Morten Munk-Nielsen

Title: Dephasing of Majorana qubits in infinite nanowires with local noise


Martin Bjergfelt

Robert McNeil

Anasua Chatterjee

Gerbold Ménard Alexander Whiticar

Anders Kringhøj

Juan Carlos Estrada Saldana Michele Burrello

Federico Fedele

Eoin O'Farrel Ervand Kandelaki

Albert Hertel

Filip Malinowski Yu Liu