19 March 2012

Coming to QDev with an external grant

Center for Quantum Devices (QDev) supports researchers’ applications to international and Danish public and private funding agencies.  If you intend to apply, you must receive written confirmation from a QDev supervisor for your application. 

Coming to QDEV with an external grant

When you come to QDev with your own funding, you become a full member of the team with office space, access to IT and admin support, and you are expected to contribute to the scientific and social life of the Center.  When possible, funding applications will include support for local (QDev) admin and technician support, in addition to whatever overhead percentage is offered by the fund.  All overhead goes directly to the Niels Bohr Institute (NBI), and the NBI provides support to all employees (i.e., building facilities, budget and accounting personnel, communications' personnel, and human resources)


Contact Center Coordinator, Jess Martin (jrmartin @ nbi.dk) if you are considering applying for external funding to come to QDev.  She can send you the most recent calls that would be relevant to your situation, and help facilitate contacts to support your application. 

You should contact QDev: 

  • At least 1 month in advance of the application deadline in the case of individualpost doc stipends and smaller projects;
  • At least 2 months in advance of the application deadline in the case of larger\projects (i.e., Lundbeck Jr. Group or ERC).

QDev's Research and Hiring Committee will review your request to apply. Once approved, we will provide considerable support for the application process, for example including budget development, text about the host institution, review of application and contact with the funding agency if needed.  The Faculty of Science Research Funding Office at the University of Copenhagen also provides support for applications. 

The application budget must be approved by the Center Coordinator.   Applications - and the accompanying budget - also need to approved by the Niels Bohr Institute, and an accompanying letter from the director attached to your application, which we will also facilitate on your behalf.