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QDev Calendar 2019, previous events

QLunch: An index theorem for quantum charge transport

09 January 2019 kl. 12:00

Speaker: Alex Bols from KU Leuven Read more

QLunch: One-way quantum repeaters with photonic cluster states

16 January 2019 kl. 12:00

Speaker: Johannes Borregaard from QMATH Read more

QLunch: Summoning Quantum Information

23 January 2019 kl. 12:00

Speaker: Ignacio Amores Sesar, University of Copenhagen Read more

GAMP/QMATH Seminar: Schmidt number of bipartite and multipartite states under local projections

24 January 2019 kl. 14:15

Speaker: Yu Yang, Chongqing Technology and Business University Read more

QLunch: Decomposability of Linear Maps under Tensor Powers

30 January 2019 kl. 12:00

Speaker: Alexander Müller-Hermes from QMATH

Read more

QLunch: From affine sl(2) to Virasoro

06 February 2019 kl. 12:00

Speaker: Jørgen Rasmussen, University of Queensland Read more

QLunch: Propagators on curved spacetimes and balanced geometric Weyl quantization

13 February 2019 kl. 12:00

Speaker: Jan Derezinski, University of Warszawa Read more

QLunch: Construction of Wannier functions for insulators and metals

20 February 2019 kl. 12:00

Speaker: Antoine Levitt from Inria Paris Read more

QDev Seminar: Heidi Potts

22 February 2019 kl. 13:15

Title: Spin and orbital interactions in coupled QDs – from orbital Kondo to tunable g-factors Read more

QLunch:Fourier Expansion of the Fermion k-Body Reduction

27 February 2019 kl. 12:00

Speaker: Robert Rauch, Technische Universität Braunschweig Read more

QDev Seminar: David van Zanten

28 February 2019 kl. 11:00

Title: Putting the gate-tunable Josephson inductance to use in SAG based Josephson junction arrays Read more

Seminar by Bodil Holst

28 February 2019 kl. 14:00

Title: Bending Rigidity of 2D Silica and Anti-icing Properties of Graphene Read more

QLunch: Apolarity theory, Waring rank and partial derivatives

06 March 2019 kl. 12:00

Speaker: Fulvio Gesmundo from QMATH

Read more

QLunch:Average mixing matrix of quantum walks

13 March 2019 kl. 12:00

Speaker: Krystal Guo, Université libre de Bruxelles  Read more

QLunch: The Quantum Information Bottleneck: Properties and Applications

20 March 2019 kl. 12:00

Speaker: Christoph Hirche, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona Read more

QDev Seminar: Claudéric Ouellet-Plamondon

27 March 2019 kl. 11:00

Title: Light-matter interaction in engineered photonic structures: Toward polariton simulators and efficient single-photon source. Read more

QLunch: Faces of the Stabiliser Polytope and Robustness Measures

03 April 2019 kl. 12:00

Speaker: Arne Heimendahl, Universität zu Köln Read more

QLunch: The Mysteries of Liouville Theory

10 April 2019 kl. 12:00

Speaker: Antti Kupiainen, University of Helsinki Read more

QMATH Seminar: Generalized geometric Bogoliubov theory for the Bose-Hubbard model

11 April 2019 kl. 15:00

Speaker: Lucas Hackl, the Max Planck Harvard Research Center for Quantum Optics  Read more

QLunch: A Quantum Kac Model

24 April 2019 kl. 12:00

Speaker: Michael Loss, Georgia Institute of Technology Read more

QDev Seminar: Felix Passmann

29 April 2019 kl. 14:00

Title: Dynamical Formation and Manipulation of the Persistent Spin Helix Read more

CMT Seminar: Mikhail Feigel'man

01 May 2019 kl. 11:00

Title: Low-temperature anomaly in disordered superconductors near Bc2 as a vortex-glass property Read more

CMT Seminar: Julien Despres

01 May 2019 kl. 13:30

Title: Correlation and Information Spreading in the 1D Long-Range Transverse Ising Model Read more

QMATH-OpAlg Seminar: Computational complexity and the quantum value of non-local games

02 May 2019 kl. 12:00

Speaker: William Slofstra, University of Waterloo (Department of Mathematics) and the Institute for Quantum Computing  Read more

QDev Seminar: Yong Chen

03 May 2019 kl. 10:30 SHARP

Title: Topological insulator-based quantum devices: spin battery and Josephson junctions Read more

QLunch: Old and New Results on State Transport

08 May 2019 kl. 12:00

Speaker: Luc Vinet, CRM Montreal Read more

CMT Seminar: Naushad Kamar

08 May 2019 kl. 13:30

Title: Matrix Product States, Ground State, Time Evolution and Its Application to Dynamics of a Mobile Impurity in a Two-Leg Bosonic Ladder Read more

QLunch: Blind Tomography via Compressed Sensing

22 May 2019 kl. 12:00

Speaker: Ingo Roth, Freie Universität Berlin Read more

Masters Defense: Hano Sura

22 May 2019 kl. 13:15

Nematic phase transition in the J_1-J_2 model Read more

QLunch: Hamiltonian Learning on Superconducting Qubits Using Bayesian Inference

29 May 2019 kl. 12:00

Speaker: Natalie Pearson from ETH Zürich/NBI Read more

QDev Seminar: Lukas Grunhaupt

03 June 2019 kl. 11:15

Title: Granular aluminum superinductors Read more