CMT Seminar: Slava Kashcheyevs – University of Copenhagen

CMT Seminar: Slava Kashcheyevs

Employing tunable-barrier quantum dots  as non-equilibrium few-electron sources 

I will give an overview of the experimental techniques and theoretical models recently developed for on-demand few-electron sources based on tunable-barrier quantum dots in semiconductors. The original motivation comes from the long-standing  goal for quantum metrology to realize the SI unit of Ampere by precise electron counting. However, in the last few years these non-adiabatic electron manipulation techniques have emerged as a basic research tool to explore the few-quasi-particle limit of non-equilibrium quantum and statistical mechanics in controlled low-temperature solid state environments.

The talk is based on a recent review paper (arXiv:1412.7150) that I have co-authored with Bernd Kaestner from the national metrology institute of Germany (PTB in Braunschweig).

Vyacheslavs Kashcheyevs

Associate Professor, Ph.D.

Faculty of Physics and Mathematics,

University of Latvia, Riga, Latvia